• Fixtures with lamps do not demand application of protective glasses; the thaw of water is not afraid and successfully works in the conditions of a water fog; 
• Possibility of reception of the necessary direction of a light stream from surface of mirror at the expense of a special rotating socle; 
• Mirror covering tightly isolated from environment on an internal surface of a flask provides EFFICIENCY of optical system not less than 95 % and does not lose reflecting properties with service life, without demanding cleaning; 
• Light exposure from the light device with a mirror lamp in 3 times above in comparison with the light device with a lamp, with a pure flask (irrespective of inevitable loss of an initial light stream of a mirror lamp at reflection from surface of mirror on 5-6 %). The raised light exposure from the light device with a mirror lamp is reached at the expense of unitary passage of light through glass of a flask without additional repeated reflections from elements of the light device and an exception of protective glass in the light device;  
• The flask form — ED-shape which internal surface is partially covered by a mirror film from aluminums; 
• Replacement traditional sodium or mercury lamps, mirror lamps lead to decrease in the established capacity in 1.5 - 4 times at light exposure preservation. 
• Illumination of roads, motorways, bridges, tunnels, underground transitions, city streets and park zones; 
• Illumination of the airports, stations and stadiums;  
• Illumination industrial and warehouse; 
• Illumination of premises and open spaces with higher the polluted environment, (foundry shops, open-cast mines etc.);  
• Illumination of publicity boards, architectural buildings etc; 
• Illumination in hothouses, greenhouses and winter gardens for photosynthesis of plants;  
• Illumination of garages and parking places.


Type Wattage (W) Current (A) Luminous Flux (Lm) Service Life (Hours) Diameter bulb (mm) Diameter base (mm)

HPS-R 100  

100 1.20 9 000 24 000 90 E 40

HPS-R 150  

150 1.80 18 000 32 000 90 E 40

HPS-R 250  

250 3.00 29 000 32 000 120 E 40

HPS-R 400  


4.60 55 000 28 000 120 E 40  
HPS-R 600   600  6.10 90 000 18 000 140 E 40  
HPS-R 1000               1000 4.10 130 000 18 000 140 E 40  


The Sodium lamp with improved blue component of speсtrum considerably promotes growth of plants at flowering and fructification stages.