Reflector Lamps
Rotating Base
Sintered Electrode



Innovation: Sintered Electrode. 

The difference between the sintered electrodes and traditional spiral electrodes:

• The spiral electrode, which is traditionally used in lamps, is composed of a tungsten core with the tungsten wire reeled around it, and has the emitter placed between the wire coils.

• The sintered electrode is composed of a tungsten core on which, with the use of unique innovative technology, the emitter mix and a tungsten powder are fixed.

• This results in the sintered electrodes containing 10-15 times the emitter quantity of a standard spiral electrode of identical size.

Advantages of using sintered electrodes:

1. The service life of a lamp is increased 1.4 times or more.

2. The decrease in luminous flux during service life of the lamp is significantly decreased.

Innovation: Rotating Base. Because of the special rotation base, which allows to rotate the ”Agro-Ecolum” reflector lamp in a lighting instrument on an axis and direct the luminous flux where necessary, Reflector sodium and halogen lamps can be installed in usual traditional lighting instruments for sodium and halogen lamps without any modifications. The rotation base gives the possibility of any choice of any luminous flux direction without need of buying special expensive lighting instrument. The rotation base also has a solid threaded connection with the lamp bulb, which completely discards the base-bulb connection.
Innovation: Reflector Lamps. Reflector lamps “Agro-Ecolum” represent a great combination of light source with highly effective spectral range, long service life and optical system with required light distribution, overstability of luminous flux throughout all the service life. The optical system efficiency of the reflector lamp “Agro-ecolum” is more than 95%. Because of the airlight isolation from the environment, the absence of the numerous reflections, the optical system doesn’t lose reflective characterictics and doesn’t require cleaning during life service.
Comparative measurements in the integrating sphere photometer have indicated that the luminous flux of the “Agro-Ecolum” Reflector lamp is bigger than that of a Standard greenhouse lightning device by 15-20%. The using of “Agro-Ecolum” Reflector lamps allows to save the electricity and maintain the illumination level if compared to lamps without reflective coating.